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The Cribs – “Men’s Needs”

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Off their upcoming release, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, this first single, “Men’s Needs”, has a familiar tone to it. In fact, when I first heard the chorus I immediately jumped on the comparison to a little known band from Austin, TX, Sound Team.


You remember those guys, right? The infamous Pitchfork had their way with Sound Team’s previous album, Movie Monster, but in my eyes it was a good record. Simple, easy and put together for the pure enjoyment of making music. If they hadn’t retaliated with their mock assasination video on YouTube then they may have gotten away with just a slip up in their recording. Instead, they came away pretty bruised as Pitchfork has a slight advantage over Sound Team when it comes to reaching the masses.


The Cribs, on the other hand, may have a shot at impressing the critics. And it would be for one reason and this reason only, their blatant focus on sex.


The band is made up of 3 brothers, two of which are twins, lead singer and guitarist Ryan Jarman and bass player Gary Jarman. The third brother, Ross Jarman, plays Drums. Ryan’s vocals, when he’s not screaming, are similar in style to Cassablanca’s from The Strokes, only more polished, not as rough around the edges and a bit higher in pitch. He approaches each word with the same laziness as Cassablanca and when he turns up the vocal engine his voice croons in to that familiar Sound Team scream that I mentioned earlier.


Stream “Men’s Needs”: Windows Music Player or Real Player

Remember when I said they have a blatant focus on sex, watch the video below for “Men’s Needs” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is apparently an uncensored version of this video out there so if you find it, let us know.


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