New Cass McComb Album – stream track “There Can Be Only One”

cass mccombs there can be only one

Very excited for some new Cass McCombs this coming fall as he prepares to release Big Wheel and Others on October 15th via Domino. Cass is not one to get skimpy on his music output. Just look at 2011 where he release not one but two albums (Humor Risk, WITS END).

Stream the track “There Can Be Only One”

Cass has a way of surprising you around every corner with his releases. He can be both off putting and extremely catchy at the same time. With “There Can Be Only One” there’s nothing off putting at all about the song. You are immediately sucked in with the groovy bass line and camp fire bongos.

We caught Cass a few years back at Cafe 939. He’s the type of artist that only likes to play very obscure venues and he’s gone way off the road map once again by playing up in Biddeford, ME on 9/6 at an artist center called The Oak and the Ax. He’s also hitting up Burlington, VT and Providence but this Biddeford spot is certainly a random location.

Pre-order Big Wheel and Others from Domino


  • Catacombs was released in 2009. WIT’S END and Humor Risk were released in 2011.

  • I should make you a co-editor. Updated.

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