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The Dying Falls at PA’s Lounge June 23rd

There’s a cool show happening this Saturday (6/23) at PA’s Lounge that you may want to check out. Our very own The Dying Falls will be playing in a showcase of sorts where local label mates The Pilgrims are creeping down from Windsor, Vermont to put their mix of 70′s country rock sounding indie music on display. I’m not so bullish on The Pilgrims as I am on The Dying Falls but live shows can change a mans opinion rather quickly.�

Listen to more of The Dying Falls music at their bandcamp page

Check out their band profile page on What Doth Life, which acts more like a co-op for bands rather than a true to form label. They started out in Windsor, Vermont and I believe the boys from The Pilgrims have something to do with it.�

Check out The Pilgrims music at their bandcamp page

Upcoming Show: Marissa Nadler at Arts at the Armory

Local Boston songstress, Marissa Nadler, is playing The Armory in Somerville on Friday, June 1st. Marissa’s vocals should sound stellar in this venue. Not that they don’t sound impressive in most places but I also think the character of the Armory fits the personality of her vocals – dark and mysterious. Some might even wonder about both, “what’s going on in there”?�

Download and steam the single “Apostle”

I also really dig Marissa’s entrepenurial spirit. She got her last album, Box of Cedar Records, funded through a kickstarter campaign. She’s also an Etsy member where she sells her vinyl records. Other musicians should take note of Marissa’s ambitious

This is an overall great local artist show as Faces on Film will be opening and it’s a cool venue to boot�(stream their tracks at soundcloud). Highly recommend hitting up Highland Kitchen before hand if you have time. �

Recommended Boston Shows – Justin Townes Earle, Barr Brothers, Damien Jurado

For the week of May 15th, 2012, the below are three of the top recommended shows to go see in the Boston area. Somerville takes the cake this week with two out of three being played in their (and mine) corner of the music scene.�

First up is The Barr Brothers at Brighton Music Hall�on Tuesday night:�

Watch the entire live set above recorded at this past SXSW

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Next is Justin Townes Earle returning to our neck of the woods. He plays Wednesday night at Somerville Theatre. Opening for Justin will be Tristen.�

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Finally, Damien Jurado plays at Davis Square Theatre in Somerville. The show was previously booked to be played at Radio but I’m guessing due to popular demand it was movedll. My first time seeing Damien live and it should be a good one coming off his amazinng new album, Maraqopa.�

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Deep Heaven Now 5 Festival in Union Square

deep heaven now 5 festival

Held in Union Square for the past five years, Deep Heaven Now is a low key music festival bringing some of the best up and coming bands from the shoegaze / psych-rock music scene found on this side of the Mississippi. This festival has its roots in the 90′s but after a stint in the Boston area, it faded away. Now in it’s fifth year, the list of bands is once again impressive.

The folks that put on the event do a nice job of spreading out the set times between P.A.’s Lounge and Precinct. As you will note in the above concert poster, the shows at Precinct start at the top of the hour and PA’s sets start 30 minutes thereafter. If you’re unfamiliar with the terrority, those two venues are barely a 5 minute walk from each other. It makes for a fun day / night of music. Held on both Friday and Saturday this year, both days are just $10 each for access to all this great sonic goodness.�

Below are a few of the bands we are looking forward to seeing but I’m sure we’ll stumble upon some hidden gems day of.�

[Following list brought to you by Facebook fan pages and Bandcamp streaming]

Screen Vinyl Image (Virginia)�

Autochrome (Boston)

Night Fruit (Boston)

The New Highway Hymnal (Haverhill / Lowell)�

The Vandelles (Brooklyn)

Ghost Box Orchestra�(Boston)�

The War on Drugs at Middle East this Saturday

the war on drugs middle eastMy love for Philly runs deep, especially when it comes to sports. But not surprisingly, it runs deep for the locally grown music. The War on Drugs are no exception to this rule and thankfully we are getting some taste of the Philly based band in a couple of weeks.�

For a band that’s had quite a year and is rolling on all cylanders to say the least, I’m quite excited to see them at the Middle East on Saturday night.�

Just about everyone I’ve talked to that has seen this band live has nothing but amazing things to say. Recently in an article in Uncut magazine, Allan Jones wrote after their London show, “More, and soon, is the response of everyone I speak to on the way out, those of them who aren’t still speechless, anyway.” [Read full article]

Download “Baby Missiles”

Buy Slave Ambient (2011 release)

Last I checked it looked like tickets were still available for the show on Saturday. You’d be a fool not to go if you could. Doors open at 8 and Boston’s own Viva Viva hits the stage first with Ape School following before the ‘Drugs hit ths stage. Buy tickets. Pictures to be posted to the ‘Carnivore after the show.

Boston Band Spotlight: Sinnet

sinnet boston band

On “Paper Chandeliers”, the opening track to Midwest Manners, Sinnet’s seven song EP, it’s hard to resist the sultry and mysterious swing of the song. As Aaron Spransy sings, you are “so mesmorized” by the way this song moves. Both this song and “Castlevania”, the two opening tracks, are irresistably catchy. The music is the product of Aaron Spransy, having written, recorded and performed all that is on Midwest Manners with the help of Alexander Boyes and mastered by Taylor Barefoot. [Bandmates include John Drislane, Marlo Pedroso and Matt Girard]

Where Aaron seems to excel is in these catchy yet just left of center melodies that give it their mystqiue. When he goes straighthead on songs like “Let’s Play Poison”, there seems to be something left on the table.�

Aaron’s cover of “Be My Baby” (Phil Spector) is bold. Trying to cover any Phil Spector when you are a stand alone artist is ballsy. But Aaron seems to be willing to put his neck out there and try new things, which is key for a band just getting their barrings. Also, if you are looking for a band for your Bar Mitzvah, they are open for booking.�

See Sinnet at Davis Square Theatre on May 3rd and at Middle East Upstairs on May 10th.�

Stream and Purchase Midwest Manners on Bandcamp

Cults with Spectrals at BU Central in April

spectrals cults boston universityCults are the more popular band on the bill, hence their headliner position for this show. But Spectrals recently came across my radar and it’s what makes this show attractive. The bummer is that it’s at BU Central, which is only available for BU students and their guests (2 to be exact). Even if I could go, my parents are in town that weekend so I’m out. Althought it would be funny to drag my pops to a college student show like this. Took him and my mom once to a Phish show and boy, was that entertaining.�

Spectrals (aka Louis Jones) released his debut album in 2011 called Bad Penny. After floating around with various bands (mostly hardcore), he decided to give his solo career a shot. Boy, did he make a good decision. For a 21 year old, these songs sound very mature. �He was picked up by Slumberland Records, who will ensure that his pop centric melodies continue to flourish on his future releases. Such as his latest, “Friend Zone”, posted earlier this month over at Pitchfork.�

Download “Friend Zone”

Stream and download “Big Baby” off of Bad Penny:�

Hot Chip at House of Blues in July – tickets on sale tomorrow!

In case you didn’t know, I like Hot Chip. I find their live show to be one of the best performed live acts on the music circuit today. Per standard for a music act, they are following up their upcoming album release (In Our Heads) with a tour and they will be hitting the Boston area on 7/17. That’s a Tuesday night folks. A tad better day then their last two outings here, which both landed on a dreary Monday night. Tough for us “working for a living” folk.

Check out full tour dates

Tickets for the Boston show go on sale 3/20 – tomorrow! Purchase tickets here.

Check out the video for “Flutes”, their single off the new album (for those easily dizzied, you may just want to stream while you work on something else)

Somerville Show Recommendation: Damien Jurado at Radio on 5/18

damien jurado somerville radio

It’s a mystery to me that not every human is as obsessed with music exploration as I am. They say humans are engrained with a desire to explore – Magellan, Cortes, Columbus, Armstrong? Why music isn’t a natural extension of this desire for everyone is beyond me.

Take the instance of Damien Jurado. He’s put out countless albums over the past ten years. Many of the music fans I follow online have loved his work during these years yet here I am, discovering him for the first time in 2012.

Discovery like this happens on a regular basis but it doesn’t always contribute to a long lasting relationship. There’s no way I can guarantee that Damien will remain in my heavy rotation pile for the long haul but sometimes you just have a gut feeling. My gut must have told me something back when I clicked on Richard Swift’s�(producer of Damien’s album) tweet that linked to a video clip of Damien in the studio working on Maraqopa, his recent release. It must have said, “you should buy tickets to see him live five months from now just to be sure you see him play in person”. That’s exactly what I did when I found out he was playing at Radio in Somerville on May 18th. It’s exactly what you should do know if you have such a gut feeling. �

Download “Museum of Flight”

Buy Tickets to Radio show