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Yellowbirds Record Release at Lily Pad – February 26th

Yellowbirds Record Release at Lily Pad

While Sam Cohen is originally from Texas and currently lives in New York, I still put him in a “local” category for New England. His other band, Apollo Sunshine, got their start when the band members met at a summer program at the Berklee College of Music. Sam’s new solo album, The Colors, doesn’t stray too far from the Apollo pysch-folk sound but it’s weighted more towards the folk than the psych.

Tickets for this show are $5 and you can only get them at the door. But don’t worry, if for some reason you can’t get in, a warm Irish pub with perfect Guinness-pouring capabilities is waiting for you next door at The Druid.

My favorite song off of the album is hands down “In Our World”. The fast pace, flamenco vibe of the guitar and pitter-patter beat is extremely infectious and Sam’s vocals as he lays into the chorus line is quite comforting.

Listen and purchase individual tracks from The Color

Twin Shadow @ Middle East Downstairs (Pics)

Twin Shadow Middle EastYou know you’re getting old when you attend a mid-week show and the opening band is all you can stay for because it’s getting too late. In the case of the Bear in Heaven and Twin Shadow show recently at Middle East Downstairs, I was fairly satisfied with what I was able to see with respect to Twin Shadow’s set.

I’ve been jamming to the debut album from this Brooklyn-based group for the past few weeks. Great driving music. The album is called Forget and it’s stooped in 80’s new wave. George Lewis Jr., the lead singer and guitarist, has a distinct Morrisey sound in his vocals. While listening to the album I rarely noticed the guitar play, at the show I couldn’t help but be struck but George’s chops on the six string.

While the album is squeaky clean in production due to the helping hand of Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear, on stage the sound remains true to the album thanks to all those surrounding George on stage. The drummer [Name anyone?] is perhaps the only one that takes it up a notch from the live album. It’s usually a sign of a good drummer anytime he or she can violently toss long locks around almost to the point where the locks become a third element in the beating of the drum.

See more pictures at my Flickr account

Download “I Can’t Wait” (Via Pitchfork)



Twin Shadow at middle east

twin shadow at middle east boston

For a quick overview of how the Bear in Heaven set after Twin Shadow and some very impressive photos of the band, check out this review from Melophobe.

Local Natives @ Paradise Rock Club – Saturday

We caught up with Local Natives (not Boston natives but rather L.A. natives) back in May when they played at Great Scott. But don’t fret Boston, these are the type of L.A. kids we can tolerate. It was a great show to say the least, however, they are so new that they only have an albums worth of material to play around with. I’m sure they’ve added a cover or two and perhaps a new song that I’m not aware of as well to their set. Bottom line, they play their set with enough gusto that you’d never know the sets were identical from show to show. These kids are just psyched to be out there on the open road, playing these catchy and extremely melodic songs for you in person. So welcome them back to the east coast and catch them play along with New Zealanders, The Ruby Suns, at Paradise Rock Club on Saturday night.

Suggestion from the editor: Get their early to catch The Union Line. Download their Daytrotter Session.

Dirty Laundry Presents: Local Natives at FYF Fest from Dirty Laundry on Vimeo.

Show Details

Price: $23
Time: 8 PM
Opening Acts: The Ruby Suns, The Union Line
Location: Paradise Rock Club – 967 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

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Marco Benevento @ Middle East Upstairs – Thursday

Greenpoint by Marco Benevento

Marco is better known as one-half of the Duo, a New York City avant garde jazz duo that includes drummer Joe Russo. I use to catch their act back in college when they’d shoot up from NYC to play the now closed Valentia’s bar in Burlington, Vermont. This was your typical hippie hang out and Joe and Marco knew how to make the patrouli fly. Just thinking about those cold winter nights with the steam soaked windows keeping outsiders from peering in to see what the fuss was all about makes me nostalgic.

Last we spotted Marco was behind the ivories playing for Surprise Me Mr. Davis, a side project of The Slip. Here he plays with Reed Mathis from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey on bass and Andy Borger from Ani DiFranco’s band on drums. You are sure to see some serious jazz improvisation at this show. Check out Marco jamming a piano solo from earlier this summer at Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Show Details

Price: $14 advance / $18 day of show
Time: 8:30
Opening Acts: Bearquarium (Burlington, VT)
Location: Middle East Upstairs

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