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Shout Out Out Out….Out – Live in Boston


Show Info:

When: March 8th, 2007
Location: Paradise Lounge
Brought to us by Happy Endings & Team Courage

Band Info & MP3s:

Cassette “Human Being”

Official Website:

Shout Out Out Out Out “Dude You Feel Electric”

Normals Welcome Record Label Site:

So I’ve been MIA when it comes to seeing live music in Boston. In fact, I think the last show was Gil Mantera back in December. Been a crazy winter.

But what a way to break the mold.


Opening Act: Cassette

Cassette came on at about 10:25 and played for roughly an hour. The first time I saw them they were the first of two opening bands for Gil Mantera’s Party Dream over at PA’s Lounge. The lead singer, Nathanael Bluhm, is very dramatic and likes to play in just his underwear. The first time was pink and last night it was some army fatigues titty whitties. Now, I’m not one to bash on theatrics but this seemed to be more of a gimmick then something part of a live show. As I discussed with my friend, you can kind of tell that they are aiming for the Fischerspooner live act. But the question is, do they they pull it off. In my opinion they haven’t found what they’re looking for just yet.

Their music, however, is solid. They’ve got some tight hooks and you can’t beat the keytar solos. The drummer, Tucker Dawson, is probably the more solid of all the band members. And I’m not being bias because I kind of know him but he’s just down right nasty. And since I know a bit about his background, I know where his chops are coming from. He keeps the beat alive back there and at times, plays the drums faster then anyone I’ve ever seen.

Cassette has certainly come a long way from the first time I saw them but I think they need to start leaving the gimmick behind and start really focusing on their theatrical performance. Maybe that’s something we’ll see with their musical rendition of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (I have no more details on this. Head to their myspace and send them a message).

Main Performance: Shout Out Out Out Out

Shout Out OUt OUt OUt (SOOOO) came out on stage around midnight. They began by explaining how they have come a long long way and the drive was quite horrid. They were just happy to be out of their van. Usually this means two things can happen. The band could be in a very pissy mood after driving for so long and in tons of traffic or they could be ready to let out all of the bent up energy they’ve had while in that car. It took a couple songs to work out the kinks in the sound but once they found their groove, their energy spilled out all over the lounge.

Having front row seats and standing right next to their amps was an experience in and of itself. With drummers and on average, two bass guitars jamming away you’re bound to shake a few screws loose in the upstairs think tank. This is a good thing, because it allows you to let your guard down and put your leg out there for a shake or two. Those that know me know I don’t need too much convicing to shake a leg and there was no need to hold back on this Thursday night, even if I am getting sick.

The lead SOOOO, Nik 7, has one of the greatest high kick moves around right now. He really gets it up there. They all like to bounce around while up on stage, changing positions, switching instruments and every once in awhile, jumping in to the crowd.

All members, except for the two drummers, are first and foremost bass players. They decided to pick up some synthesizers and a vocoder machine and start their own electronic dance party after their punk days started to seep out of their repetoire. The electronic sound just sprung a chord with all of them and the next thing you know they had two drummers behind them and WHA-LA, a fucking amazing dance party band is born.

The only negative criticism I have is with their vocals. I’m not saying the vocoder is a wondeful touch but not all the time. With Hot Chip you have great vocals and wonderful lyrics that you can sing along with. Here, the vocals are mainly a faint blip on the vocal radar screen.

In the end, this show was a great start off to what I hope to be the beginning of a string of awesome shows (LCD Soundsystem in NYC in a few weeks, yeah boy!!!!).

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