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Andrew Bird – eMusic Exclusive

Andrew Bird released track, “Self-Torture” – (Not found on Armchare Apocrypha )


“I knew this one girl, drowned in her on curls, candy color swirls that never seemed to end”
“I could not comprehend of what she said to me…”
“Tales of rituals, Self-torture, she is making you…”


The song, to me, seems to be about a boy remebering a girl, with curls, that he loved and wanted to be with. He envisioned that the universe would bring them together in classic serendipitous fashion. But, as Bird notes at the end of the chorus, “a scoreless victory for ser-ren-dip-ity”, the boy is left with his fate in his own hands. We don’t know how this story ends, does he get the girl or does he move on to find another girl to dream about, but as with most Bird songs, the listener is left to his or her own imagination.


The track is short, clocking in at 3:38. While short, it is a nice addition to any Andrew Bird fan’s collection. How can you get this track you ask? Well, you could go over to the Hype Machine and download it from one of the other hundred or so blogs that have posted the track for free, or, you can head over to eMusic, join for free for a month, get 25 FREE downloads and use one of your downloads to get the song. If you don’t like the whole “pay for your music online” concept, you can quit the subscription before the end of the month.

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