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Recent Albums, Tracks and Shows to Recommend

Going to be a busy week so throwing up this quick post and that’s probably all she wrote until after the holiday.

Below are a few recommended albums that I’ve recently picked up and a couple of gigs happening in Boston that are worth mentioning. Let me know if you’ve got anything to add in the comments.

Recommended Albums

Quiet Village – “Silent Movie”

  • Label: iK7
  • Sound: Chilled out electronic inspired by vintage movie soundtracks and the balearic movement. Great for a relaxing Sunday drive.
  • Favorite Song: “Pacific Rhythm”
  • MP3 Download:  “Circus of Horror”
  • Listen:
  • Purchase: (Amazon MP3) (eMusic)

Jason Collett – “Here’s To Being Here”

  • Label: Arts & Crafts
  • Sound: Americana rock w/ BC rock revival influence. For those who don’t know, Jason is a member of the ever so popular Vancouver based indie rock mega group, Broken Social Scene.
  • Favorite Song: “Out of Time”
  • Listen:
  • Purchase: (Amazon MP3) (eMusic)

Lyres – “Lyres Lyres”

  • Label: Ace of Hearts
  • Sound: Garage rock at it’s finest. You would find them hanging out with Boston bands such as Mission of Burma and Neighborhoods around the mid-80’s. Started in 1979 and has in some way shape or form stayed in tact off and on ever since. The main man behind the project is Jeff “Mono Man” Connelly (former member of DMZ).
  • Favorite Song: “How Do You Know”
  • MP3 Download:  “How Do You Know”
  • Listen:
  • Purchase: (eMusic) (Amazon)

Recommended Boston Gigs:

Wednesday night there is a show at the Middle East Downstairs. Headlining the show is Subtle and opening are Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Republic Tigers. The headliner and the second opener, Black Moth Super Rainbow, are worth checking out. Althought I’m not sure how BMSR will translate at the Middle East Downstairs. I see them being more of like an ICA or Museum of Fine Arts show where you sit down and let their onslaught of crazy sounds and melodies take over your thought process. I know nothing about the other band besides the fact that they were featured in the Boston Metro this morning. That isn’t always a good thing.

Subtle have collaborated with one of the square’s favorites, TV on the Radio. The music mixes the exotic rapping and vocal style of Doesone with electronic/instrumental minglings of Alexander Kort, Jordon Dalrymple, Jeffrey ‘Jel’ Logan, Marty Dowers. Another collaborator and original member, Dax Pierson, adds an emotional element to the ever evolving Sublte sound by experimenting with voice recordings and harmonica even though a car accident while on tour in 2005 confined him to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. He no longer tours with the band but still contributes his voice recording and synth experiments to their albums. Doesone, real name Adam Drucker, and Jeff Logan are founding members of the label Anticon. However, Subtle is on Lex Records. This crew also has strong ties with Amoeba records in the Bay Area so yeah, you can say these guys are pretty well connected in the indie scene. But they also have strong ties in the hip-hope world as well.

  • Location: Middle East Downstairs – corner of Brookline St. and Mass Ave. in Cambridge, MA.
  • Cost: $12
  • Details: 18+

On Friday don’t miss the Solid! night at Zuzu where DJ Die Young and and Baltimoroder will be laying it down for the Basstown faithful.

  • Location: Zuzu – right next to Middle East Downstairs on the corner of Brookline St. and Mass Ave. in Cambridge, MA.
  • Cost: Free
  • Details: Bring your dance shoes / 21+

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