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Hot Chip @ Paradise – Boston, MA 4/14/08 Plus Interview w/ Joe Goddard

I’ve been blogging now for roughly 3 or so years and there is no question that this recent experience where I was able to interview one of the founding members of Hot Chip, Joe Goddard, on top of the show on Monday night was a pinnacle point in my blogging and music review career. Keep in mind folks, I don’t get paid for this. Many bloggers don’t get paid, we just really love doing what we do and getting to go to shows, getting free music and getting to interview our idols.

Below is both a transcript of the interview plus a little 3 and 1/2 minute montage that I pulled together by taking some of my favorite moments of the interview and putting them to pictures that I mostly found on Flickr. I’ve included a link to all those folks who are responsible for the amazing pictures taken at various Hot Chip concerts. And some of the pictures are just basic stock photos of the band.

Enjoy the montage and interview with Joe Goddard and if you’re just getting hip to Hot Chip, enjoy the ride.

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