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Instrumental Music from Asthmatic Kitty Records


Asthmatic Kitty Records has some pretty cool stuff going on with their catalog series that includes a number of popular artists playing instrumental music based on certain themes (Insomnia, Tropical Savagery, Memory). Their hope is that this music will eventually play as background music for when you’re doing dishes, commuting, cooking, sleeping (or trying to sleep), and one that caught my eye, playing high stakes poker. Our poker club has a tourney coming up so it’s perfect timing.

Here are some samples from some of the catalogs available and if you dig, click on the volume to purchase the full album.

“Alpha to Theta” (by Lowell Brams feat. Sufjan Stevens)
From: Music for Insomnia: Vol 4

“Amazonian Pacific” (by Roberto Lange)
From: Music for Memory: Vol 5

“Conquerers” (by Yuuki Matthews)
From: Music for Tropical Savagery: Vol 6

And one of my favorites is this soul shakedown from volume 2, Music for Measurements. This is the one that you play right as you’re staring your opponent down in a high stakes poker game, with sweat from your brow, you give him a wink and throw in all your chips with a smirk and a grin. “Bring it on”, he says.

“Law 2” (by Law of the Least Effort)
From: Music for Measurements: Vol 2.

But in all seriousness, give this Volume 2 more of listen over at Law of the Least Effort’s my space page and check out these jams.

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