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Decade in Review: Sigur Ros


Sigur Ros is a giant ball of emotion. They are every movie, every event and every memory in your life that has had an emotional impact on you wrapped up into musical notes. I’m a grown man and don’t cry very often. Not because I’m a “MAN” but because I have better control then others – unlike my father. But I will admit it right now that when I saw the documentary Heima (means Home in Icelandic), I shed a few tears.

Not sad but happy, joyous and celebratory tears. From the pounding beats to the whale like melodies that lead singer, Jonsi, is able to produce, this band is truly a phenomenon that we are lucky to have the opportunity to experience live. For those of you who have yet to see Sigur Ros in person, I call on you to not let this opportunity pass you by. You have to let yourself succumb to the intense aura that both this band and their country emit just once in your life and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


2009 year end music and album listWe were lucky enough to visit the mysterious land they hail from, Iceland, this past year. Lucky for me I’m marrying someone with many friends sprinkled throughout the world. Amanda’s friend Kristjan, his lovely girlfriend and baby daughter were a warm welcome to a country that has warm welcome written all over it. From the bar, ironically called Boston, to the natural spring called Blue Lagoon, it was truly a trip to remember and one that has convinced us of multiple return visits.

2009 Album: No album
Lead singer, Jonsi, released a solo album called “go” this year. Learn more about the album and get a free download at his website.

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