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New Dungen Album – Download Single and Boston Show

Dungen’s music has a way of making me feel like my brain and mental capacity are expanding. Almost feels like I’m getting smarter by just listening to their music. Whether or not the latter is true (probably not or I’d be a genius), the exploratory nature of their sound is enough to get this music blogger excited when ever he sees the words “new” and “music” along side this Swedish pysch-rock’s name.

Their new album, Skit I Allt, will be out September 15th on Mexican Summer. Unlike many European bands, Dungen likes to keep their lyrics in their native tongue and if you were wondering what the title of their new album means it is (cover your ears or rather shut your eyes mom) – “Fuck All”. While this title may conjure up thoughts of Swedish death metal perhaps, the song “Marken LÃ¥g Stilla”, is far from metallic. Download by simply providing your email address below.

Album tracklist:
1. Vara snabb
2. Min enda vän
3. Brallor
4. Soda
5. Högdalstoppen
6. Skit i allt
7. Barnen undrar 8. Blandband
9. Nästa sommar
10. Marken låg stilla

Dungen will be gracing the Boston music fans with their presence on October 13th at Harpers Ferry, which happens to be the last show of the tour. The supporting band is The Entrance Band for this show.

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