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Weekend Get Away…’Bird, ‘Moller and More


It has been slow going here on the square but I’m looking forward to a three hour drive tomorrow and dusting off some album cobwebs and letting the hounds loose. I’m loving Hissing Fauna and have only listened to about 3/4 of the album at once. Looking forward to a full listen. But a recent 2006 album that I picked up has got me just as excited.

(Anders) Trentemoller is a new face for me. A Danish DJ that’s been on the scene since 1997. He has remixed Royksopp, Pet Shop Boys, Moby and Pitchfork’s best 2006 album/artits of the year, The Knife.

His latest album, released in October 2006, was voted among many of the electronic worlds elites as the best album of th year (Groove Mag and Trax). For me, the album has gone widly unnoticed.

The album was released on Poker Flat Recordings, Steve Bug’s label. Until his debut, Trentmoller’s studio work consisted of a handful of EP’s and remixes along with colloborations with fello electronic / techno dj’s throughout Europe.

With my road trip this weekend, I’m looking forward to adding this one to my shelf and keeping it there for some time.

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