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The News

As usual around this time of the week, here is a collection of news articles that I find of interest. Â Most articles are from Pitchfork, Filter and sometimes Stylus.


Hot Chip announce U.S. Tour dates – Check out their myspace page for a new song, “I Became a Volunteer”


Wilco reveal track list for Sky Blue Sky – Pick up some live recordings of these songs from Jesse Jarnow’s Frank and Earthly Blog


Peter Bjorn and John announe U.S. Tour – Related topic: See Drew Barrymore’s iPod mixover at Stereogum. Hint, it includes “Young Folks” by PB&J.


And if you were like me and didn’t find time to watch the Grammy’s, Filter has broken down the important winners for us.


Andrew Bird announces U.S. Tour dates

And finally, not really news, but a cool addtion to the Stylus Mag section “YouTube / iTube / WeTube”, they’ve compiled a selection of techno videos from Youtube on one page. As they mention, many videos are not work safe.

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