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Top 25 Songs of 2007

While I enjoy looking back at the songs and albums that got me through another year, the actual posting is quite time consuming. So time consuming that I’m not able to include a little blurb about each song. However, I’m sure I don’t need to explain why these songs made it in the top tier. Many are similar and some may be out of order in your opinion.

I’ll just do a quick synopsis of the top songs. The number one song is “Scythian Empire” because it has stuck with me through thick and thin. If I was in my car, walking to work or just hanging out in the apartment cooking, I could put that album and that song on and have all the stress and worries be lifted off of my back. And I put “Someone Great” in front of “All My Friends”, even though it was the latter that kicked my ass during their live show in Boston, because the recorded version of “Someone Great” is so perfect and well crafted that it’s above and beyond the best track, in my opinion, on Sound of Silver. “Fake Empire” is the perfect representation of Boxer, an album well worth a top slot if not the top slot for album of the year.

So without further ado, here is the list.

25. Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings“100 Days, 100 Nights”

Download: Track above recorded at KCRW Live. Download this track and others from this set over at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff

Buy Album: (LP) (CD) (iTunes)

24. Richard Hawley “Lady’s Bridge”


Download: Find this track at

Buy Album: From Amazon (US) (UK)

23. Wilco“Impossible Germany”


Download: Find this track over at Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

22. John Vanderslice“White Dove”


Download: Find track above at The Sound of Marching Feet

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

21. Thurston Moore“Silver>Blue”


Download: Get various tracks from the Hype Machine (HERE)

Buy Album: From Ecstatic Peace! (Here) or From Amazon (US)

20. Chromeo “Bonafied Lovin”

Download: Get the above track over at Fuck Yeah! Go Team!. Download “Needy Girl” legally from Vice Records ( Here)

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

19. Feist“1234″


Download: Get the above track from Mr. Mammoth

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

18. The National“Slow Show”


Download: Get above track from Anyones Guess

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

17. The Shins“Phantom Limb”


Download: Get above track and more from the Sub Pop Record media page for The Shins (HERE)

Buy Album: From Sub Pop Records (Here)

16. Yeasayer“2080″


Download: Get the above track from Ear Farm

Buy Album: From Amazon (Here)

15. Justice“Phantom”


Download: Get the above track from Allan’s World Music. Listen to the entire Cross album (Here). Download a bunch of legal mixes from Vice’s MP3 blog (Here).

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

14. Jens Lekman“Kanske Ar Jag Kar i Dig”


Download: Find songs by Jens over at the Hype Machine (Here). Download “The Opposite of Hallelujah” and “Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo” legally from Secretly Canadian (HERE).

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

13. Radiohead“House of Cards”


Download: Get the above track from Merry Swankster.

Buy Album: Get the discbox of In Rainbows (HERE). In Rainbows is no longer available online for download. It will be available on a shelf near you on December 31st through XL Recordings outside the U.S. and on January 1st through TBD Records.

12. LCD Soundsystem“All My Friends”


Download: Get the above track from Good Weather For Airstrikes.

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

11. Beirut“Nantes”


Download: Get the above track from Anyones Guess. Watch the Vincent Moon video for Nantes (HERE) and the all the other tracks off of the Flying Club Cup (HERE)

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

See the Top 10 After the Jump

10. Caribou“Melody Day”


Download: Get the above track from Can You See The Sunset From the Southside

Buy Album: From Merge Records (HERE).

9. Arcade Fire“Ocean of Noise”


Bonus Listen (Norah Jones covering “Ocean of Noise” live):

Download: Get the Norah Jones cover track from The World Forgot. Find more Arcade Fire tracks on the Hype Machine (HERE).
Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

8. Spoon“Don’t You Evah”


Download: Find Spoon tracks on the Hype Machine (HERE). Find the above track on The Finest Kiss.

Buy Album: From Merge Records (HERE). Merge is giving away free sampler CD’s with every purchase until January 2nd. And Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga comes with a limited edition EP while supplies last. So that goes for the Caribou stuff as well.

7. Feist“My Moon My Man”


Download: Get the above track from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends.

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

6. Blitzen Trapper“Wild Mountain Nation”


Download: Get the above track from  I Rock Cleveland.

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

5. Panda Bear“Bros”


Download: Get the above album from Pitchfork (HERE). You can also watch a really cool live recording of this song from back in 2005 and another track off of Person Pitch, “Comfy in Nautica”.

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

4. Radiohead“Reckoner”


Download: Get the above track from Faronheit.
Buy Album: See “House of Cards” above for info on In Rainbows. Pre-order In Rainbows and pick up other albums from Amazon (US).

3. LCD Soundsystem“Someone Great”


Download: Get the above track from Past Primavera

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

2. The National“Fake Empire”


Download: Get the above track from Merry Swankster.

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

1. Andrew Bird“Scythian Empire”


Download: Find other tracks on the Hype Machine (HERE)

Buy Album: From Amazon (US)

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