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Weekend Concert and Dj Grab Bag

Very excited to share with you my anticipation for Saturday night’s Great Lake Swimmersshow at the Brattle Theatre here in Cambridge. Been digging Tony Dekker’s folky, melodic banjo sounds since his debut S/T album back in 2003. This isn’t a “lets get ready to rock and dance our socks off” show. A typical night of GLS music is usually me, with my headphones on, eyes closed half asleep with my thoughts all afloat. I’m hoping to take it the next level on Saturday night. Just hope my date doesn’t get upstate when I start drooling on her shoulder.

However, by the sounds of his latest album (Lost Channels out now), there will be plenty of moments for my mind to awaken from it’s slumber. May even be reason for getting up from our cushiony seats to shake a tail feather or two. If you have yet to get their latest, do yourself a favor and go buy it now at your nearest record shop or favorite online music store – here are some recommended locations to do just that:
Amazon MP3

Watch the video for “Pulling on a Line

MP3’s for the Weekend

For this weekend’s DJ mixes, I have two recommendations.

First up, a remix of the crazy and somewhat sadistic Polly Scattergood. The remix is by The Golden Filter of her song “Please Don’t Touch Me”.

Download & Listen

To really get the kids heads spinning, pop on the Switch remix of Bjork’s track “Nattura”. Make sure you’ve got the lights spinning full blast for this one.

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